How To Retrieve Older or Deleted iMessage From History Box?

iMessage serves as an extremely important iOS application which helps in sending and receiving messages without having to undergo any extra charge imposed by the phone carrier. Apple owners can send unlimited messages to their friends having iMessage using cellular data or Wi-Fi. However, instances are not rare when people accidentally delete their iMessage or the same gets lost due to any technical trouble faced by their iOS device. Today we are going to guide you through two of the most popular means of retrieving old iMessage history from your iOS device.

From iCloud Backup by Following the Apple Prescribed Way:

iPhone users are provided with a reliable and easy iMessage recovery solution by the Apple iCloud service. However, this can only be availed once users have synchronized their devices over the air or with iCloud before the chats get deleted. For accessing the iCloud service, users need to follow the steps laid out below:

From the settings application, you will have to click on General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings.
Next you will have to confirm the same after entering your passcode.
Your iPhone will reboot once the wiping process is complete for being set up as a new device.
You will be now required to tap on ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ in the Apps & Data screen before signing in to iCloud.
Finally, you will have to take your pick from the list of available iCloud backups for restoring all the deleted iMessage conversation history and attachments of your iPhone.

The main benefit of following this method is that it is highly automated. However, you will be required to delete existing files and settings on your iPhone for availing its functionalities. Any information stored in your iOS phone following the backup date will automatically get deleted.

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From iCloud backup by following the Apple prescribed way

The restore backup feature of iTunes becomes functional once you have created a regular backup before the accidental deletion of iMessage history. You can access this service by following the steps laid down below:

For restoration of iMessage you will first have to launch the iTunes app in your computer and plug in the iPhone through the USB slot.
Next you will be required to click on the iPhone icon appearing at the upper left corner and select Summary from the sidebar.
Then you will have to click on the Restore Backup button appearing under the Manually Back Up and Restore section in its right side.
Finally, you will have to select your iPhone name from the drop-down list for backing up iMessage history before clicking on restore.
Once the backup process is completed, all the iMessage chat shall appear once again in the Messages app of your iPhone.

It is imperative to note here that following this update, your iPhone shall be restored to its previous state and all new content stored since the last date of backup shall get lost.

Lastly, you can also opt for a third-party iOS data recovery application for retrieving iMessage from iTunes or iCloud backup. However, here you will be provided with the flexibility of previewing and selecting the conversations you wish to restore without having to back everything up and correspondingly delete unwanted information.