Quick Fixes iMessage Problems in iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11/10

Most of the users of iOS11 often complain about iMessage problems while operating their iOS devices. Particularly, every user faces specific situations, when their texts fail to deliver or send. Hence, if you have devices operating on iOS 11 or any other higher version and you are often experiencing iMessage problems with Messages, you should give your time to know a few important tips to deal with the problem.

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Fail to receive iMessages

Apple System services may go down or out of the order periodically, which includes different things in the form of iCloud, Apple Music, App Store, iMessage and iBooks. Hence, before you deal with the trouble, you should make sure checking the Status page of Apple System and thereby, identify the root cause behind the problem.

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iMessage Fails to Perform in iPhone or iPad

In case the iMessage app fails to perform properly in your iPad or iPhone device powered by Apple even though Apple System remains in right state, you should-

  1. Double tap the Home button to restart your phone’s Messages app and swipe towards it to choose the option of force quit to quit yourself from Messages app. You do not have to worry about any data loss or message loss. Later on, you have to re-launch your Messages app in your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Make sure to apply stylus pressure or sufficient finger movements to the option of Message send button. Whenever you opt to hold the touch for a long time, menu highlighting the option of send with effects will display.
  3. After this, you have to choose the option of Settings, Messages and then ‘Send’ and Receive to make sure that your Apple ID i.e. iCloud mail and phone number remain present and contain checkmark nearby it to fix anything instantly.
  4. You should make sure updating your contact details. For this, you should go to the device’s Settings, Messages and toggle ON to show contact photos as well as filter out unknown senders.
  5. You have to hold and press the on/off button to restart the iOS-operated device until and unless you view the slider and later on, you should slide it for turning off the device.
  6. You have to turn on the Flight/Airplane Mode of your phone and turn off it again
  7. Next, you should go to Settings and then to Messages to turn off and on your iMessage app
  8. You should make sure checking that MMS and SMS toggled properly. For this, you should visit Settings and then to Messages, while turn ON while you send MMS and SMS Messaging.
  9. Check and reset the font size of your message after you done with the update.
  10. In case of any connection problem, you should reset the respective network settings to fix the problem.
  11. Choose Set Automatic option to make sure about setting both date and time.
  12. You may opt to change the DNS settings and try again to judge whether the step resolves iMessage issue or not.

Waiting of iMessage for its Activation

Another common issue faced by iPhone and iPad users is activation of iMessage. For this, you should-

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  1. Go to the option of Settings and then to Messages and turn it off.
  2. You should disable the Facetime
  3. You should log out from your Apple ID
  4. Turn the Flight/Airplane Mode of your device and you find Wi-Fi turns of automatically, however, you should turn it ON later.
  5. You have to return to the Settings and Messages option to turn on your iMessage app, enter the Apple ID and device password.
  6. Visit to Settings and turn your Airplane mode ‘Off’.
  7. At this step, you have to Turn Off your iMessage initially and then do Turn On.
  8. You should wait for some time, so that iMessage activates again and starts working properly.
Quick Fixes iMessage Problems in iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11/10
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  1. My iPhone 7 was not working since last week. While finding the exact solution, I came across your website where I tried your mentioned solution and I got to resolve the issue for my iPhone. Thanks bro!!


  2. Nice post…Well I could not be able to receive imessages in my iPad…Thanks for the solution!!


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