iMessage Will Not Activate On iOS 12 Beta 1 – (Bug Solved)

Currently, most of the iOS users also experiencing a lot of problems on Apple community about iMessage activation, usually, they can face these problems after iOS 12 update. Even most of the users won’t activate iMessage after the iOS 12 public beta on iPhone as well as iOS 12 compatible devices.

Usually, iMessage app will not work with all-new iOS 12 now you can easily diagnose the iMessage by indicators to get free from this problem. In general, iMessage is also waiting for activation in iOS 12. iMessage is not working with a particular contact, normally iMessage Activation takes much time here the straightforward fixing methods available that supports for easy Activation after iOS 12 update.

IMessage Activation unsuccessful when the iMessage down server then you need to check iMessage System Status. First of all, you need to check, SIM is inserted or not or you need to update your profile. go to settings app on iPhone and go to Phone and My Number as well as Enter Your cell phone number as well as go back to save.
Check Network Connection:

When your iOS 12 iMessage not sending from Phone number then the activate iMessage on Apple ID as an Address. In that case, you need to go to the Settings app and choose Messages as well as choose “Send & Receive then you need to Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.

1) First, go to settings then open general

2) Next, click on Reset then choose Reset Network Settings

3) Set Date & Time Automatically

4) After the first step still the iMessage waiting for activation then you must try this trick.

• Launch Settings and then you need to tap General
• Then you can find Date and Time
• After that, you need to enable set automatically as well as check the time zone
• In general, turning on and off Airplane mode help to solve problems with network connections

5) Update Your Carrier Settings

6) Still, you receive iMessage waiting for activation you must try this trick

• Go to Settings then you need to open General as well as tap on about
• After that update the carrier settings

7) Contact Apple Support

• Selected Carrier support iMessage or activate using request at Career desk, it can be helpful in this situation.

8) Reboot the iPhone by disabling iMessage and Enable the iMessage

You must reboot the device before that you should try to disable iMessage as well as after that restart the iPhone. In order to disable iMessage, you must follow the steps.

• First, you need to go to Settings as well as tap on Messages
• After that, you need to turn off iMessage

Steps To Reboot:

• First of all, you need to press & release the volume up button
• Then you need to press & release the volume down key
• After that press and hold the power button
• The follow the same steps to enable iMessage

These are the most effective steps that can be highly helpful to activate iMessage successfully.

iMessage Will Not Activate On iOS 12 Beta 1 – (Bug Solved)
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