Download iMessage on PC With and Without Doing Jailbreak

‘‘Knowledge without application is like a book that is never read’’.

iMessage is the best messaging app and with the advancement of technologies ,now it can be installed on windows pc for messaging directly without switching on iPhones. This app was first introduced for iOS users only but now it can also be used for windows pc. iMessage app consist of many unique features which makes this app so popular among people.

Use iMessage On Windows 10 With Jailbreak iOS Device

There is one method called as jailbreak method through which iMessage app can be installed on windows pc. Following are the steps:

  1. The first step is that the user has to first jailbreak the Apple device by installing the software called as Cydia.
  2. In next step, user has to spent 4$ to buy and app called remote message in cydia to set web based interface.
  3. This web based interface can be connected to the user’s iPhone’s IP address found on the browser.
  4. To log on, web browser is opened and string of numbers is entered under “current IP” and then again colon is added with serve port number.

Get iMessage On Windows PC Without Jailbreak

There is one more method to install iMessage on windows pc without jailbreaking. Following are the steps:

  1. To download the most established app without jailbreak, you are required to have both Windows and Mac computer.
  2. Then, download the Chrome browser on both the computers that is Windows and Mac.
  3. The very next step is to install Chrome Remote Desktop on both the machines i.e. Windows and Mac.
  4. In this method first step is to open Remote desktop extension on Mac device to get the access code.
  5. Next step is to open chrome on windows pc. During this whole installation process Mac device and pc should not be turned off.
  6. Then next step is to get Remote desktop extension by searching it on Google.
  7. After installing Remote desktop extension on pc next step is to use Mac access code on chrome’s Remote desktop extension to connect to your Mac device .So as long as Mac device is turned on one can use iMessage app using chrome on windows pc.


In the conclusion I prefer and suggest iMessage as the best messaging app. I hope this article was helpful to you. I am coming up with the new article. Till then like, share and comment.

Download iMessage on PC With and Without Doing Jailbreak
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