How to Fix iMessage Waiting For Activation Error?

One of the most freaking error (iMessage Waiting for Activation error) it is. Are you also facing this problem? Lets solve this issue which ultimately cause a lot of irritation. Well this problem is caused by lots of reasons and there are many fixes to resolve this issue. After getting solved with lots of problems on my iPhone, I am there to discuss the solution. Well before starting the solution, there are a couple of things which are need to be checked.

Things You need to check before fixing “Waiting for Activation” Error

Let us check various points before moving on to a solution:

  • First of all, make sure that your number is listed or not in your iPhone application. If it is not listed then just move on to settings and follow the instructions to add up your number.
  • Second thing is that the Wi-Fi network should be available consistently.
  • Next is the date and time, just check it out whether they are correct or not.

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Solutions to Resolve “Waiting For Activation” iMessage Error

Well let’s discuss some of the solutions to resolve this problem completely.

1) Examine your internet connection

Make sure that the internet connection is working fine or not. To make sure that your internet connection should work properly at any case, you just need to go to “settings menu -> Wi-Fi/ Cellular -> turn off the switch”. After doing so, reboot the device again and then finally turn on your internet connection. Also if that doesn’t work for you then just reset the settings. This course of action will return to the factory settings after deleting all the existing network settings. To reset the network, just go to settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset network settings.

2) Airplane mode Solution

If no solutions work for you, then airplane mode solutions is the finest solution to work with. This will surely resolve the issue. Well the solution is very simple and easy. You just require to follow the below given steps:

  • At first scroll to settings menu-> then you will see the message option -> turn off the iMessage.
  • Just turn on the airplane mode and then turn on the Wi-Fi mode ass well.
  • Now go back to message option and then turn on the iMessage option.
  • Then a message will appear which will ask you for your Apple ID. Just fill that option and then again turn off the Airplane mode.
  • Now a pop up windows will prompt saying that “your carrier may charge for SMS” with a ok button. Just click on the ok button.
  • Well if it doesn’t appear, then just move on to message and turn off the iMessage button. Then again turn it on.
  • This will surely make your iMessage app activated.
  • Then after doing so, you will surely see the grey color number with an email id. Later on the number should be checked.

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3) Apple ID sign-in and sign-out

This is the one of the solution which had really worked for me. Well for this you just have to sign in to your Apple ID and then sign out as well. After doing so just login again. Then follow these steps:

  • Just move on to settings menu, then to the message option -> click on “send and receive” option.
  • Now just sign out from the Apple ID.
  • Next step is to turn off iMessage.
  • After waiting for few seconds, turn it on again.
  • Last step is to sign in with your Apple ID and then reactivate it.

4) What to do if nothing works

If none of the solutions works for “iMessage waiting for activation” error then do try this solution as well. What you have to do is to update the software on your device. Update the software with the latest version. To do so, just go on to settings then General -> software update. Also if you don’t find any update to be required then just restore your device with iTunes. Before doing so, do not forget to backup your device.


Well, the above solutions will surely help to solve all the issues regarding this problem. Well do share this article and soon we will update you with the next one. Thanks for reading!!

How to Fix iMessage Waiting For Activation Error?
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3 Comments On “How to Fix iMessage Waiting For Activation Error?”

  1. After updating my iphone to iOS 11.3, how to resolve the “imessage waiting for activation” error?


    • Hey Schneider, you can proceed with the following solution:
      At first, disable iMessage and then turn on the application. Also do check once that the date and time are correct. Just after doing this, reboot your iPhone or iPad. Let me know that your problem solves or not!!


  2. While activating iMessage on my iPhone 8, I got a message “activation unsuccessful”. What should I do now?


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