How To Stop iMessage Notifications On MacBook Pro? (100% Tested)

iMessage on Mac: iMessage is a common functionality of the iOS hemisphere which helps in sending and receiving messages right from your laptop. This can be of great help while working on your MacBook as you can communicate easily even without having your iPhone around. However, at times it can seem pretty annoying as notifications keep on popping up for creating disturbance while you are trying to concentrate on something important.

Process to Disable iMessage Notification on MAC:

You can solve this problem in two ways – by either turning on the Do Not Disturb mode or disabling the iMessage notifications permanently from your MacBook Pro. Today we will take a look at the steps which need to be followed for doing the same.

  • You need to first open Message and choose the Preferences option which will redirect you automatically to another window. You can manage your accounts from the option appearing at the top left corner of the screen.
  • After selecting account, you will be presented with a list of all accounts which are being used in the MacBook Pro. iMessage account has to be selected in this step which displays your Apple ID in the adjacent screen.
  • You will have to uncheck ‘Enable this account’ box and this action deactivates your iMessage account on your MacBook Pro so that you can sign out of the same.
  • Now you will have to click on the ‘Sign Out’ box which will thereafter display a pop up box wherein you will be asked whether you wish to sign out. You will have to finalize the process by clicking on the sign out button.

You can sign out completely from iMessage of your MacBook for an indefinite time period by following these simple steps lined out below. You will next have to reactivate the app for using it again. After closing your message and reopening it once again, a window will be displayed directing you to sign in to your Apple iMessage account. This stands out as the final confirmation of the fact that you have been able to disable the message notifications successfully. Following these steps makes iMessage inaccessible to unauthorised users. This can thus serve as the ideal way out for users who wish to protect their privacy.

Repeating the entire process can seem pretty tedious every time you wish to access the app. You can thus follow the steps lined out below for removing all signs of distraction which take shape due to constant message notifications without having to completely remove iMessage app from your MacBook Pro.

  • You will primarily have to click on the Apple icon which will then bring up a list of functions for you to choose
  • Next you will have to click on System Preference which shall open another menu having different software and hardware options.
  • Thirdly, you will have to select ‘Notification’ from the menu before clicking on ‘Messages.’ This can be done by scrolling the menu appearing on the left side of the tab.
  • Finally, you will have to select ‘None’ from below the message alert sign.

You can thus send and receive messages on your laptop without message notifications popping up on your screen. Such attributes help in bringing down the level of distraction for corporates as well as students who have to handle computer work a lot.


iMessage is an extremely useful app which accompanies all Apple devices. It gets activated from the time you start using the devices. You can make the most out of its functionality by following the steps listed out above.