Few Tips When iMessage Stops Working

Since iMessage is an amazing messaging application which is currently used by millions of people worldwide. Well, with that there are few problems which can be efficiently solved in minutes and we have discussed few in detail. We got the query for the below problems which we are sharing the solution. If the iMessage app stops working, then there could be many possibilities behind the reason. Let us have a look at few of them:

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What if Apple’s iMessage Server is Down

If we see the possibility from Apple’s iMessage server point of view, then that means that when server is down then no one can be able to operate iMessage. But this condition arrives very rarely. Also, if any maintenance services are there, then the Apple used to give the intimation with planned maintenance work few days back only.

Quick Fix:

The best thing is that even if the Apple server is down, then also you can easily communicate with your beloved ones via normal texts.

Make Sure that you Have Got a Good Connection

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Since the Apple’s app i.e. iMessage requires a good 3G or 4G data connection to send the iMessage. Without a good connection, you won’t even send the iMessage to your friends or neighbors.

Quick Fix:

What if your data connection is bad? In that case you can try the below things out:

Check for the nearby Wi-Fi if available. Just go to settings option, then Wi-Fi and just see whether a free Wi-Fi is available or not. If the network is available then just use 3G or 4G and if not, then you can simply select the messages which were not delivered and then send it as text messages.


Few Tips When iMessage Stops Working
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